The definitive Guide to 


The best laser course on the market today!

From Rivanna K9 Services & Tactical Directional Canine Systems

a complete step by step guide to  laser directionals.

We take you from absolute scratch to reliable laser directed task performance!


 Why this course? Why us?

  • This course shows several dogs of several breeds going through the teaching steps of our winning laser directional training.
  • Every step is laid out for you in detail.
  • Very clear "DOs" and "DON'Ts".
  • Ongoing support in the course portal.

Different dogs, different people, different challenges,  but the same great end results.

Step-by-step guides!

We teach you all the necessary fundamentals, the advanced pieces, how to chain it all together, proof it and maintain it!

No guesswork, but laser focus!

Training will be fun and rewarding and the results will be that it all WORKS when you need it to the most! 

We're with you every step of the way!

You will get all the help you need in the course portal made exclusively for you!

  • Rivanna K9 Services LLC

    “Without question, a trainer who has deeply affected my skills for the better. Armin gives selflessly, works tirelessly, and preserves the dignity of every dog he works. He elevates our profession.”

    Police K9 handler (retired)

  • Rivanna K9 Services LLC

    “In this world of professional working dog trainers there are just a few names that stand out above the rest... Armin Winkler is one that stands out in my mind.”

    Canine Behavioural Specialist/ Retired RAAF Police K9 handler

  • Rivanna K9 Services LLC

    “Lots of dog trainers know how a dog behaves in certain situations. The Winklers know how a dog “thinks”. This is what separates them from other trainers and why I will train with them as long as I am able. ”

    IGP handler

  • Rivanna K9 Services LLC

    “Encompassing all working K9 disciplines, world class professional services provided. Product excellence!”

    Working dog enthusiast