Two Week Board & Train Program

This intensive training program ensures that your dog will master key skills, including the vital yet often neglected ability to focus on their human upon command. This training addresses the challenge of a dog's short attention span when distractions are present, ensuring their undivided attention when needed.

Our curriculum covers essential commands: Sit, Down, Place, Stay. These foundational skills are crucial for good canine manners, with your dog learning to execute these commands precisely and reliably.

The program also teaches polite greeting behaviours, ensuring your dog greets people with all four paws on the ground instead of joyfully knocking teeth out.

Recall training is a significant focus, with exercises designed to ensure your dog returns to you despite distractions. Training sessions are conducted in varied environments to build a strong recall response.

Given the program's short duration, we teach your dog's these basic skills in low to medium distraction settings, providing all necessary training tools for success. The program concludes with a comprehensive handover session, ensuring a smooth transition and integration of these skills into your daily life, aiming for a harmonious relationship where you and your dog can truly enjoy your life together.

DALL·E 2024-02-13 14.41.32 - A joyful dog trotting away from a background filled with playful distractions such as squirrels, other dogs, and a picnic setup, focusing towards the